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Sunday, April 10, 2011

UPDATES: April 2011

Hello to all! It's been a while...

Well, we're back... and we have a new release! Up for pre-order now is the debut LP from the now defunct brooklyn based band, The Motorcycle Industry, entitled Electric Education.

Electric Education was self-released by the band way back in 2008 and was only available on cd and in digital formats. Well, now we've got some sexy vinyls made for this outstanding record... They will be shipping the first week of July.

Here's the deal, there are two options when buying the record from us, you can get the standard record, or you can get the pre-oder package... here's the info on both.

1. The pre-oder package: This is limited to 100 records, all on blue vinyl. Also, this will come with a cassette featuring never before heard TMI acoustic demos and b-sides, and to complete the package, there is also a limited edition TMI sticker included. All of these goodies are limited to 100, so click over on the store and get them while you can!

2. The standard record: Black vinyl, limited to 150 copies.

So, that's the deal with that. We're really excited to be putting out this record, and we hope you all dig it as much as we do.

In other news, we've completely sold out of the Valley Maker LP's. So we got it re-pressed, and this time it's on white vinyl. Limited to 100 copies. Enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

UPDATES: January 2011

Hello to all, and happy new year. Just a quick update this time around. The Valley Maker self-titled LP's are now available in the web-store. We did a small run of 100 records, so grab them while you can, they're available in our web-store and also on the Valley Maker website (, and the band will have them at any shows they'll be playing within these next few months. Each record comes with a digital download code, and a full lyrics insert.

More news to come soon.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

UPDATES: December 2010

Tigers Jaw- Spirit Desire cassettes are now available in the webstore. Very limited quantities, so act fast on grabbing one of these. These blue tapes are exclusive to the online store, and they will not be for sale directly from the band. The band will have both Yellow and Purple tapes each limited to 75 for sale on their upcoming tour. Also, head over to the Run For Cover webstore and pick up a copy of the new Tigers Jaw full-length "Two Worlds". It is an incredible record, sure to be one of the best releases of this year.

Also, things are moving right along with with the Valley Maker self titled LP. Expect these to be out in mid January. We'll be doing a limited run of these, all of which will be housed in screen printed sleeves featuring brand new artwork. We're also in the process of getting a photo book done as an insert. Very excited about these, they are already turning out really awesome.

Last but not least, introducing Grapefruit Records!

"Grapefruit Records is a subscription-only record club founded by Simon Joyner and Ben Goldberg to release exclusive and limited, vinyl-only LPs by dedicated artists, both known and yet-to-be-known. The only qualification required for artist participation is that both Ben and Simon love the music. Annual subscriptions include four quarterly released full-length LPs and a deluxe, hard-shell box to house the series of records that make up that year's roster of artists. The artists on Grapefruit are on loan and ever-changing so no subscription cycle will ever be the same."

L. Eugene Methe is currently recording a full length to be released on this label. Other artists confirmed for the first batch of LP's are Lambchop, Richard Youngs, and 200 Years.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UPDATES: November 2010

OUT NOW: The latest 7" from the Omaha native singer/songwriter L. Eugene Methe entitled "Sentimental Education". That's right folks, head over to the web store and get this amazing slab of vinyl. This EP is limited to 100 copies only.

Also, the Tigers Jaw "Sprit Desire" tapes are turning out great, these should be out very early next month.

Lastly, we are very excited to be putting out the self titled album from South Carolina native, Valley Maker. Earlier this year the album was self released in cd and digital formats, but in January, the album will be available on limited edition vinyl. Stay tuned for more news on this. We've got some really cool things lined up to go along with this release.

Until next time, internet.

Monday, October 11, 2010

UPDATES: October 2010

Hello to all! So, at long last, the covers for the Tapeworms Eat Bookworms "Old Forms" 7" arrived at my doorstep today. They are now up in the web store. FINALLY. Again, there are two colors available, Black (limited to 49) and Purple (limited to 50). All with hand numbered, screen printed covers.

Also, The L. Eugene Methe "Sentimental Education" 7"s are well on their way to being complete. I'm expecting these to be out by late October or very early November. Once again, we are so excited to be working with Lonnie, such a brilliant songwriter.

Lastly, we are super excited to be working with Pennsylvania natives, Tigers Jaw. Last year they released an amazing EP through Tiny Engines entitled "Spirit Desire". It was a vinyl only release and has been out of print for quite a while now. However, Irrelevant Recordings is bringing it back! In the cassette format! These tapes should be available by December, and they will be for sale on tour with the band as well as in the web store. If you don't already listen to this band, you should start immediately.

P.S. Don't forget, the Spider + Octopus double tapes are also up in the webstore!

Friday, September 17, 2010

UPDATES: September 2010

Irrelevant Recordings is on the move! Over this weekend we're moving from Charleston, SC to Atlanta, GA. This is why nothing has gone up in the store yet, I wanted to wait until we got the new address and such, just to make things go a bit smoother.

The Spider + Octopus (pictured above!) double tapes have been done and ready to ship for some time now. So as soon as we get settled in our new southern apartment, they'll be up online for the world to purchase.

Also, the Tapeworms Eat Bookworms, "Old Forms" 7"s are ready to go, well, all except the covers, we're going through some technical difficulties in getting the covers finished up, but I hope to have them in my possession within the next week or so. There will be 50 of these on purple vinyl, and 49 on black vinyl. All with hand numbered, screen-printed covers. Watch and listen to the B-side of the 7" above.

Lastly, i'm waiting for the test presses of the L. Eugene Methe "Sentimental Education" 7". They should be in my hands any day now. Expecting this 7" to be out by mid to late October.

I will be announcing some really exciting things pretty soon, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here's what's been going on as of late: First off, the Spider + Octopus double tape release is going through some set backs at the moment. We hoped to have them finished and ready by the 20th of this month, but we're not going to be able to meet that deadline. I'm expecting them to be done by the middle of September. My fingers are crossed.

Secondly, the test pressings for the Tapeworms Eat Bookworms "Old Forms" 7" have been received and approved. The plant is currently working on the final product, and we're about to get started on screening the covers. This should be ready by the middle of September as well.

And last but not least, I've heard the demos for the new L. Eugene Methe 7" entitled "Sentimental Education" and i can say that i'm really excited to be putting this release out. Folk music at it's best. We're shooting for an October release with this one. Click on the artist link here on the website to listen to one of the songs from the 7" called "Twisted Roots". Enjoy!

That's all for now.